Information about the preface and content of the Civil Servants Law Financial Provisions Book, whose third edition is made, is given below.

Officers, who fall within the scope of the first paragraph of the first article of the Civil Servants Law No. 657, are subject to the provisions of this Law in terms of monthly, wages, allowances, all kinds of payments related to the service and their form and conditions.

However, on the basis of the authority granted by the Law No. 6223 dated 6/4/2011, to the Decree No. 666 and Decree No. 375, published in the repeated Official Gazette dated 02/11/2011 and adopted by the Council of Ministers on 11/10/2011. A new salary system was introduced by adding additional items.

In this study, both the old salary system regulated by Law No. 657 and some Decree Laws and the new salary system that came into force with Decree Law No. 666 were discussed.

Considering the sections that the work will address in the book’s narration, the articles of law are included only when necessary, examples and diagrams are included in order to better understand the subject.

At the end of each chapter, there are enough test questions to consolidate the topics, and classic-style question types to draw the attention of the reader to some law articles. Also Visit:

In order to ensure that the volume of the book is not too high, judicial decisions, decree laws, communiqués, decisions of the council of ministers and other regulations were tried to be incorporated into the narrative, some of the important ones are included in the footnotes and some of them are included in the book’s annex.


It is our greatest wish that this study of the Civil Servants Law on Financial Provisions will be useful to all readers, and we think that all the criticisms about the book will contribute to our study.

Book covers of other editions:


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